Mezco Announces Friday The 13th Part 2 Living Dead Doll Jason

Friday The 13th fans will never have a shortage of figures to collect as numerous companies have licensed the franchise to bring our favorite Jason incarnations to retail for us to purchase. Just announced today, Mezco will be including the Friday The 13th Part 2  Jason Voorhees into their Living Dead line, complete with Mrs. Voorhees’ mummified head!

The deluxe edition of the infamous masked maniac comes outfitted just as he did in the film in denim overalls with a plaid shirt underneath. Jason wears a sack over his head with one eye peeking out, searching for his next victim. Remove the sack to reveal the abomination underneath.

The deluxe Jason Voorhees has a real cloth outfit, sack mask, rooted hair, and comes complete with a pickaxe that fits neatly in his right hand. Also included is the severed, mummified head of his mother, straight from his own personal shrine.

The Deluxe Edition Living Dead Dolls Friday The 13th Part II: Jason Voorhees stands 10” tall and features 5 points of articulation. He is packaged in a die-cut window box, perfect for display.

You can pre-order the figure/doll now at Mezco’s website for a cost of $50 and it is expected to be available sometime in quarter two of 2019.

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