Look At This Crew Sweater For 'Jason Goes To Hell'

For those who are unfamiliar, crew members are given the opportunity while working on films to obtain crew jackets to commemorate their time working on a production. For the most part, these jackets are sold, not given away, to crew at the end of filming. At that point, most people who purchase a jacket only wear them a few times and then store them away. Every so often fans are treated to images of these jackets as they are taken out of the mothballs and sold at auctions. In this case, Mario Kirner recently posted the crew sweater for Jason Goes To Hell at his Friday The 13th Props Museum.

The sweater has "Friday the 13th" stitched on the chest and on the back there is the design of the hockey mask from the film that includes a machete and the magic dagger as well as "Cunningham Productions". 

This is a great addition to any fan's collection, especially those who are collecting crew jackets and sweaters from the films in the franchise.


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