Watch Friday The 13th 1980 And Jason Takes Manhattan On 35MM At Camp Blood 3 Event

Being able to watch the classic Friday The 13th films on the big screen in theaters is a great nostalgic trip to the heyday of the franchise. Last Summer, Exhumed Films presented Camp Blood 2, an all weekend drive-in theater experience showcasing some of the classic horror/slasher films from the 1980's This Summer, they are back with Camp Blood 3 for which fans have the opportunity to revisit Camp Crystal Lake and Manhattan, New York. 

For the last two years it has haunted your nightmares... this year it's back!

Mark your calendars, campers, the biggest cinematic camping shriek show event of 2017 is almost here: Exhumed Films presents CAMP BLOOD 3 at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater on August 25 & 26! Six more stalk-n-slash camping horror favorites on the giant outdoor screen, plus vintage slasher movie trailers, games, prizes, limited edition event tees & posters and more -- all over one nail-biting weekend of terror! It's time to air the fear out of your camping gear for another year!

Tickets are on sale NOW at just $10 each.
Overnight Passes are available on the drive-in lot for an additional $10 at the box office!

Friday, Aug 25:

FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980) - The original killer thriller that started it all is back for another Camp Blood appearance. See Sean Cunningham's classic on the big outdoor screen completely uncut with all the gory Tom Savini effects!

FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 8 (1989) - A group of high school graduates on a doomed trip to Manhattan are unaware that Death in a hockey mask is along for the ride!