Find Out More About The Jason Torso Prop From 'Jason Goes To Hell'

The ending of Jason Goes To Hell is a feverishly paced sequence that eventually finds Jason Voorhees being sent to hell. In order to get him there, Jessica must first stab Jason with the magic dagger, for which she does, right in the heart. To pull off the stabbing effect, a dummy torso was created of actor Kane Hodder and dressed with Jason's clothing. Read on below to find out more about the history of the Props and see images of what was created, courtesy of the Friday The 13th Props Museum.

From The Props Museum
Jason body dummy used in Jason Goes To Hell (1993)
This dummy was used when Jason gets the dagger rammed into the chest to send him back to hell. There is a second hole on the back side and it seems there was another FX shot prepped (see behind the scenes pic) however this scene is unknown and did not make the final cut.

Altogether KNB FX Group made 3 dummies for the production. One was blasted to pieces during the explosion; one was cut into torso, legs and arms for the coronor scenes; and the third body is the FX body owned by the Museum.

The dummy is basically a foam filled body suit such as worn by Kane Hodder as Jason.

There are aluminum tubes coming out from legs and neck with movable joints inside the body so the FX team could operate these body parts to give the Impression of Jason moving


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