'Friday The 13th' 2017 Receives State Tax Credit To Jump-Start Production

Yesterday is was announced that Breck Eisner is in talks to direct the new reboot of Friday The 13th! This comes on the heels of writer Aaron Guzikowski turning in his script for the film this past April, and now that Platinum Dunes has wrapped all of their commitments with the Ninja Turtles film this year, things seem to moving at a fast pace towards production.

That pace is picking up even further now as Variety reports today that Friday The 13th has applied for and been granted a nice tax credit of $5.6 million to film in the state of California. The tax credit program offers credits of up to 25% of a project's budget, however there are many conditions that a project has to live up to in order to be eligible for the credit. One of those conditions is that Friday The 13th must begin filming within 180 days of being selected. The announcement was made on August 2nd which would mean that Friday The 13th needs to begin filming by January 29th at the latest.

Our guess is that filming will start late summer, sometime into September, and finish up in October. That is, of course, if everything falls into place. Remember, a follow-up to the 2009 film was also granted a tax credit previously before that version of a new Friday The 13th fell apart. We want our readers to be as informed as possible, so this is all exciting news, but always remember to keep the whole picture in mind.

 Keep checking back here for more information as the new film seems to be on the upswing.