Friday The 13th Show Officially Dead At CW, Could Hop To Other Network After January

Last month we brought news that that the Friday The 13th show was indefinitely shelved at the CW network with a possible revisit in April. However, today at the TCA (Television Critics Association) presentation for the CW network, it was announced that the Crystal Lake set show was officially dead. It looks like the network decided against a revisit next spring, but there was some interesting tidbits about the script developed for the show discussed by CW president Mark Pedowitz.

Collider is at the event and relayed what Pedowitz mentioned to the press, which is that the series was no longer in development, and following the presentation, he discussed the decision.

“We didn’t believe it was a sustainable script or a sustainable series,” Pedwoitz said in an interview, “The bottom line is we felt we had stronger things to go with, and we didn’t go forward with it. It was well-written, it was darker than we wanted it to be, and we didn’t believe it had sustainability … It was a very good pilot, but not a sustainable series.”

The CW president also confirmed part of what we reported last month that the writers will be free to shop the series around to other networks once The CW’s rights to the script expire, which now looks to be happening in January. Will this show ever take place? Who knows, but the door is left open for a possible run on another network.
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