Friday The 13th Show Still At CW Network With Uncertain Fate

The prospect of an episodic look at Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake is a vastly intriguing proposition that could help sustain interest in the franchise for many years to come. Unfortunately, as many of our readers have experienced over the past two decades, getting a project into production for a new Friday The 13th story has been extremely difficult with executives and corporate studios not able to make up their mind on a direction to take the films, or most recently, a television show.

This past April, some information had leaked out that The CW network has cancelled the proposed Friday The 13th television show and essentially washed their hands of the project altogether. The network's indifference was the story that was created for the show, which involved a detective going to Crystal Lake to find his missing brother. I have been told that the story was so bad that it made the The CW take a large step back and rethink bringing Friday The 13th to their network.

So where does the show stand now? It hasn't been thrown away just yet as had been previously reported. According to my source, the show has been shelved with a revisit planned for some time close to April 2017. At that point it will be determined by CW if they can find a story to warrant a series order. If they opt to not go with Friday The 13th at all then the show is open for a different avenue of release. Netflix has long been requested by fans as a destination that would hopefully limit the amount of studio interference.

This new revelation explains why there has been no official statement produced by CW or Crystal Lake Entertainment as the project is still sitting at CW with an undetermined fate. Fans will have to wait until next year to find out the next step in the ongoing saga of bringing Jason to the small screen for the first time.
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