Has The CW Slashed The Friday The 13th TV Show?

When it was announced in April 2014 that there would be a full blown Friday The 13th television show in development with producers from Horror Inc., the people responsible for numerous films during the Paramount years in the 1980's , fans were very excited! Then in August 2015 it was officially announced that the CW network would be developing the show for audiences around the world and we became even more excited.

The pitch for the show was described as a sophisticated horror/crime thriller, and the potential Friday The 13th series would be about the ongoing quest of a detective’s search for his missing brother that is somehow tied to Jason Voorhees, a long thought dead serial killer who has now returned to wreak havoc in the new Crystal Lake.

Since the CW announcement in August, there has been nothing new reported about the show and our attempts to find out the status of its production have been met with the standard response of "it's still in development". When the show was not announced for the Fall 2016 slate of television offerings, there was rumblings that the series could be in trouble. In talking to a few people in recent weeks it has been declared that the show's production has been cancelled at The CW. We were waiting for an official announcement before reporting this, but with more information beginning to leak out about why the show may have been slashed by the network, we thought our readers may like to know.

It looks as though there has been little progress in developing the story surrounding the aforementioned pitch for the show and the execs at The CW have become wary of the idea and look to have scrapped the project altogether. To clarify, this has not been announced officially yet, but is very likely.

If this holds true, it is just another failed attempt at continuing the franchise in film and now television, but it must be known that the show itself will not be dead completely. The project could continue development at another network or other medium such as the World Wide Web. When we find out more about the show, we will definitely let everyone know.
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