Script Due Date And Proposed Filming Start Revealed For New Friday The 13th Film

Recently it was revealed at WonderCon that the script for the new Friday The 13th film could retain a nostalgic feel as a "Period" piece via the 1980's. Many of our readers are on board with this idea which was the time period Nick Antosca's defunct script for the film was to take place at a summer camp. With the tease of a set visit for websites getting closer by Platinum Dunes producer Andrew Form, everyone got a little excited.

Bloody Disgusting took this revelation a step further and found out that Aaron Guzikowski's script for the new film is due by April with a plan to shoot the new Friday The 13th at the end of summer. This was also the same plan last year as Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller had mentioned filming for late summer 2015 after Nick Antosca was hired in June to pen a script. With a proposed release date of January 13, 2017 looming, a late summer shoot this year seems like a pretty tight schedule to run through to hit that date.

Be prepared to start getting some regular updates on the next Friday The 13th film if Guzikowski's script is approved by Paramount next month.