Friday The 13th: The Franchise 7.0

Last year we changed our website design to better accommodate the increasing mobile traffic to the website as more and more people are using their phones to access the web. It seemed to be working fine for our readers, but over the last few months we have been receiving a number of complaints about mobile phones and tablets (Mostly Samsung devices) that were unable to read the full articles being posted to the website. Over the last few weeks the site has been slowly going through an overall and now the new design is complete.

Please take a look around and see if everything is working for you. Hopefully the issues brought to our attention have been resolved for everyone. Readers will notice some new additions like a fixed menu on desktop and larger tablets and the social sharing buttons have been moved to the top of the stories.

The Gallery page is still being worked on, but should be active by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting to have a more streamlined and readable site on your mobile device!