The 'Friday The 13th Part 2' Prologue Behind The Scenes Photos

The Friday The 13th Part 2 prologue was the last group of scenes to be filmed during the production of the film and spanned two days. The exterior shots of Alice's neighborhood and house were shot in Waterbury, Connecticut (Photos and more information). The opening scene involved a couple of females, both of which did not have their face seen on-screen, but were important to setting the tense confrontation between Alice and Jason Voorhees.

Pictured below (courtesy Crystal Lake Memories) are a couple of behind the scenes photos which show the little girl who stomps in the water puddle when told to come inside by her mother as well as director Steve Miner supervising the setup for that shot. As mentioned before, the little girl's face is never seen on-screen and these photos are the first fans have seen of the actress. Of course, the other female in the opening scene of Friday The 13th Part 2 is that of costume designer Ellen Lutter.

As chronicled as part of our The Other Jason's series of articles, Ellen is the first and only woman to portray Jason Voorhees on-screen as her legs are the one's seen walking toward Alice's house in the prologue as Jason.

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