The Prowler And Jason Voorhees In Part 2

Fans know the two names, Warrington Gillette and Steve Dash, as people that portrayed Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2. Mr. Gillette potrayed Jason in the one scene where Jason was shown on camera without the sack on his head and with Carl Fullerton's makeup showcased. Mr. Dash, on the other hand, played every scene as Jason with the sack on Jason's pretty little head. The confrontation of both actors at one particular convention will live on in infamy as well as their war of words on the message boards.

Since then, they have reconciled and moved on. Another point of discussion for Jason in Part 2 is that of The Prowler. Ever since the credits ran at the end of the movie and The Prowler was displayed, many fans have wondered who this character was?

There was much speculation about the character through the 80’s and 90’s and one thing was agreed upon and that was The Prowler was another reference for Jason. If that was the case, why credit the character with a second name? Since the convention circuits grew bigger, actors and crew began to elaborate and then with the book releases of both Crystal Lake Memories and Making Friday The 13th, most everything became clear. What was already known was that Jerry Wallace was credited as The Prowler, but what scenes did he appear in?

One scene that is known for sure is that he was the hands that shoved the ice pick into Alice’s head at the beginning of the film and he also took the tea pot off of the burner on the stove when it began to whistle. However, other notable shots in the film that were not Gillette, Dash, or Wallace were the numerous shots of Jason walking. Ellen Lutter portrayed Jason in the walking shots in the beginning of the film, when he was walking up to Alice's house. Also, there is another scene where another person plays Jason when Vicki goes upstairs and finds Sandra and Mark dead. Jason’s rises from the bed with knife in hand and the close up shot of Jason’s hand with the knife is another production crew member.

Friday the 13th Part 2 was truly a callaborative effort in creating the Jason character. The question is, why did Jerry Wallace get screen credit as The Prowler and no one else from the crew gained credit for their role in creating Jason?
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