Brad Fuller talks Friday the 13th Sequel

It has been a long while since Brad Fuller was on Twitter and it left many people wondering if there would ever be any more information coming from the mega producer about Platinum Dunes films. Today, however, Mr. Fuller is back on Twitter and wanting to set a few things straight pertaining to their Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street franchises. One film still has promise and the other, not so much.

Below is what Mr. Fuller had to say on his Twitter account:

"Lots of rumors out there. I want to set the record straight on freddy and Jason .

First, let's talk Jason

Shannon and swift wrote a great script. We are ready to go, when new line is ready. But as of yet, they are not ready.

As for Freddy, as far as I know, there isnt even talk of writing another script.

Rated R Horror movies, right now, don't seem to generate interest from the studios.

There is still hope for rated r horror, because it is profitable, but there is a larger interest in tent pole film."

For right now, it seems that he is at least optimistic that Platinum Dunes still has a chance to make a Friday the 13th sequel. However, the Nightmare franchise doesn't look to have one leg or foot to stand on. Stay tuned for more info as it is made available for the next chapter in the Friday the 13th saga!