The Tom Savini Documentary Receives New Poster

The new documentary Smoke And Mirrors: The Story Of Tom Savini has been in development since 2011 and debuted at a horror festival a few years ago. It is still looking for a wide release and to help further the cause, a brand new second trailer was released this past September showing off the history of one of the most influential make-up effect artists in the history of film.

Now a brand new poster has been created by artist Terry Wolfinger to promote the film and it features one of Tom's seminal creations, Jason Voorhees. Check out the poster below and watch the latest trailer of this highly anticipated documentary looking to be released wide in the near future.

About The Documentary
The first ever feature length documentary about the life and career of famed special makeup artist Tom Savini. Know as the “King of Splatter”, Tom’s work revolutionized an industry with such movies as FRIDAY the 13TH, CREEPSHOW, and DAWN OF THE DEAD. But these facts are misdirection, as the film delves into Tom’s personal triumphs and failings, revealing the man behind the mask.

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