More Conceptual Artwork From Studio Ronin For 'Friday The 13th' 2009

A few years ago, this writer discovered that the design and advertising company Studio Ronin had developed the conceptual artwork for Friday The 13th 2009. The company's creator, Christopher Shy, had worked closely with Director Marcus Nispel to come up with the look and feel of Camp Crystal Lake and what Jason Voorhees would look like in this re-imagined environment. Back in February 2011, our website featured some of the artwork created for the film, and now the company has posted new conceptual work on their website for the 2009 film.

Here is what Christopher had to say about working with Marcus Nispel on the film.

“ We all loved the original  films. There’s a certain mood to the these films, the clothes, the way people were back then. A type of sexuality on display that we don’t really have much on film anymore. One of things me and Marcus looked at was little things about how Jason may have grown up. The things that he may have played with, toys, the type of learning process that happens in isolation. 

Both me and Marcus were Boy Scouts growing up, so the idea of someone left in the woods, learning how to survive, appealed to us. That process of discovery and isolation, its already there in how we approach our own work.

Before any of the film was under way, me and Marcus had worked on developing  a series of 50 or so paintings that I execute. It was really an open discussion between us on how these things would look. I saw the character in a very specific way, more survilist, more raw and real. Everything from sets, to clothes, to how we saw his mask. It was a long three month conceptual process for me, but very exciting.  Marcus trusted how I saw this in my own mind and I just went from there. I really worked hard to stay true to the original films and Marcus vision in every aspect of my designs. I would look at a certain painting and think, ‘Is this how it would have really happened in the world’, and then strike that balance with the original film. I live in Wisconsin, not LA. So walking outside here, living in the North woods, its easy for me to understand a lot of what this guy might have been about, what he may have gone through to get the that ultimate point in the film.”

The new artwork shows another glimpse of the conceptual Jason and a lot more imagery of a dark, murky and abandoned Camp Crystal Lake. The camp almost looks like it is located in a swamp rather than the North East woods. To see more of Studio Ronin's projects, please visit their website,