Scenes That Were Never Filmed: The Kick In Jason Takes Manhattan

There are a number of scenes that have been famously edited or altogether cut from the Friday The 13th films, but what about the scenes that made it into final script drafts, but were never filmed? Today we take a look at one such scene from Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan that ultimately showed a softer side of Jason Voorhees.

Outside of the fact that many scenes were cut from Director Rob Hedden's film due to budgetary constraints, one minor scene was not filmed from the script upon Jason Voorhees arriving in New York City because of actor protest. In the film, after the few survivors of the S.S Lazarus make their way to New York via escape boat, they head off into the city with Jason climbing out of the water in pursuit. Jason's first action would have been to ferociously kick a dog. However, Jason actor Kane Hodder refused to do the scene, stating that Jason would never hurt a dog. Of course, the character indeed hurt and maimed a dog earlier in the franchise in Friday The 13th Part 2, leaving his argument about Jason a bit unfounded.

Jason Takes Manhattan could have been one of the best in the franchise with a lot of site gags and location shooting unfortunately nixed due to money constraints. However, Jason's kicking of the dog being removed from the film ultimately did not effect the way fans view Jason's excursion into the Big apple.