Pair Of Jason's To Attend 35th Anniversary Celebration

Just before Christmas we brought news that Sean Cunningham and Adrienne King were going to be attending Monster Mania 30 in New Jersey to help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Friday The 13th 1980. Now a pair of Jason actors from the franchise will be joining the festivities.

Kane Hodder (The New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X) was added right before Christmas to the show and just announced last night, Ari Lehman will join Sean Cunningham and Adrienne King for the reunion/anniversary extravaganza. Hopefully, we will hear about even more actors and crew from the film being involved in the convention in the very near future!

First up, we are very happy to welcome ARI LEHMAN back to MONSTER-MANIA CON XXX the weekend of March 13-15 in Cherry Hill, NJ! ARI of course is best known to horror fans as the very first JASON in the original FRIDAY THE 13TH! ARI rounds out our 35TH ANNIVERSARY REUNION of the film that launched a horror film franchise. ARI LEHMAN will be joining SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM and ADRIENNE KING from the first film. And although he wasn't in the first film, we just couldn't pay homage to the film series without KANE HODDER. ARI will be joining us on Saturday and Sunday only due to a prior commitment but we are thrilled to have him join us for this very special reunion! Please join us in welcoming ARI LEHMAN to our FRIDAY THE 13TH 34TH ANNIVERSARY REUNION at MONSTER-MANIA CON XXX!

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