Cool Collectibles: Voorhees Family Nesting Dolls

Holiday season is upon us, leading many to scour the net for unique gift ideas to surprise and please their horror obsessed loved ones. While it is not news to any Friday the 13th fanatic, franchise collectibles are vast and various, offering Jason themed accessories of any and every imaginable nature.  But every so often a truly original idea, usually of the custom made nature, comes along...

The Butler Art is just such a unique prospect for a cool collectible of the Voorhees nature.  Proprietor and artist William Butler (no, not the same William Butler who played Michael in The New Blood) specializes in horror themed prints and custom made nesting dolls of genre favourites.  Most notably, a collection entitled "Kill Her Mommy, Kill Her!" can be viewed on the website here.  These hand crafted and painted nesting dolls feature the progress of the Voorhees clan over the franchise history, including young Jason, Pamela Voorhees, sack-head Jason, zombie Jason, and part III-era Jason.  The site also hosts a great video compiling the series' greatest kills intercut with a closer look at each doll.

While the site does not seem to be offering sales of the dolls exactly, poster sized prints are available on pro-photo matte material individually signed by the artist for as low as $10.00 each.  The site also lists art shows where Butler's creations are featured and make sure to check out the equally awe-inspiring Ghostbusters nesting doll set while exploring available prints.

For a closer look, also stop by The Butler Art's InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages.  Happy holiday shopping!