Jason's Jukebox: Track #6 Hard Rock Summer by Alice Cooper

Even the most heavily scored films always carry a secondary soundtrack; songs that play in the background usually as scene setters or shameless promotions for up and coming bands or rock stars.  The Friday flicks are no exception, with numerous songs littered through the series from both well established artists from Alice Cooper to The Hives to lesser known and never to be heard from again starlets.

And speaking of Mr. Cooper, today’s track is going to head back to Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI for a closer listen to one of his “other” offerings you could say.  It is well known and celebrated that Alice Cooper heavily contributed to the soundtrack for this fan favourite installment.  Alice’s “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” was not only written for the film, but used to promote it with both its cover art and video which featured Jason himself.  “Teenage Frankenstein” was also prominently featured in the flick, blasting in the RV as Court merrily drove through Forrest Green, only to be abruptly interrupted by Jason’s offering him a knife through the temple with the song amplifying the intensity of the scene and going on to become a Cooper Classic.
But there was one more offering from Alice featured in the movie which unjustly often goes overlooked.  “Hard Rock Summer” is a fun track that also amps up the excitement of the scene it is used in, blasting over Megan and Tommy’s reckless joyride while attempting to avoid the local police.  With the opening lyrics “I’m a rock and roll vagabond, I’m a streetwise runaway” Cooper gets the adrenaline pumping leading up to an anthem like chorus “You know I’ll be screamin’, hard rock summer!”  The offering perfectly matches both the scene and Megan Garris’ carefree attitude.

While as enjoyable as Cooper’s other two tracks from the film, “Hard Rock Summer” seems to get a bit less attention.  The track was not featured on an album until 1999 when the compilation collection of The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper was released.  Regardless, many still hold the track in high regard as a Cooper classic and the tune perfectly represents the music of 1986.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy a listen below to the track:

And for those keeping track, here is the track-listing for or ongoing compilation of Jason’s Jukebox thus far:

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Track #6: “Hard Rock Summer” by Alice Cooper

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