Jason’s Jukebox: Track #3 - (I’m No) Animal by Felony

Even the most heavily scored films always carry a secondary soundtrack; songs that play in the background usually as scene setters or shameless promotions for up and coming bands or rock stars.  The Friday flicks are no exception, with numerous songs littered through the series from both well established artists from Alice Cooper to The Hives to lesser known and never to be heard from again starlets.

One of the most enjoyable soundtracks came to us from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI, which is mostly known due to the contributions of Alice Cooper who even filmed a tongue-in-cheek video featuring clips from the film to promote the single “(He’s Back) The Man Behind the Mask.”  However, a lesser known tune plays out in a just as iconic way contributing to the humour of a very unique moment.  Of course, we are talking about “(I’m no) Animal” by the band Felony.
The song lands at the very memorable scene of Court and Nikki enjoying each other’s company, aka investigating the things that “go bump in the night,” in an RV.  Nikki is enjoying a ride on ole’ Court, demanding that he carry through until the duration of the song she is blasting on her boom box…which is soon interrupted by Jason as well as Court’s own inability to do so.

That song, of course, is “(I’m No) Animal.”  Felony, fronted by brothers Jeffrey and Joe Spirili (Spry), gained attention starting in 1983 with their first hit single “The Fanatic.”  “(I’m No) Animal” appeared on their sophomore album entitled The Vigilante, which was already gaining radio-play with the title track’s single.  “(I’m No) Animal,” also featured on The Vigilante, was then commissioned by Paramount for inclusion in their latest Friday flick.  Although the band originally carried a much more New Wave/Pop sound, this second album had them take more of a traditional rock approach.  The tune in question is all kinds of ‘80’s fun, with a steady beat and blasting vocals backed by synthesizer.  Enjoy a listen below via this video clip featuring shots from the flick:

The band Felony went on to release one more album following The Vigilante entitled “In the Name of Rock n’ Roll” with this same line-up.  Sadly, Jeffrey Spirili died by suicide in 1992, although brother Joe continues to record music with his current band Kanawormz. 

“(I’m No) Animal” remains a memorable contributor to the Friday franchise by livening an already hilarity filled scene and sequel in the series.  Although eclipsed by Cooper’s contributions, it deserves its firm place in our playlist of selected tunes for Jason’s Jukebox.  Stop by the (Jason Lives forum page) to further discuss or leave love for the tune below.
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