Characters You HATED to Die!! Episode 5: Linderman

Ok, it’s no secret that the majority of Friday fans watch each chapter hoping to be shocked and awed by the extravagant and often explicit ways that each would be victim will be dispensed in.  It could even be argued that some characters are set up just for the payoff of rooting for and enjoying their bloody ends -  we’re looking at you Trent from the reboot…

Having said that, every so often one of the films would present a demise that not only caught fans off guard, but we were actually sad to see them meet their maker.

The long awaited Freddy vs. Jason finally came to fans in 2003, and although it can be argued that the majority of the characters were established simply to be dispensed in bloody gloriousness (mostly at the hands of Jason if anyone was keeping count), one character stood out as a fan favourite.

Charlie Linderman (did anyone know that was his first name?) was portrayed by likeable actor Chris Marquette who in 2011 would appear in another genre offering The Rite, with Anthony Hopkins.  What makes Linderman such a fan favourite is mostly that he offered both empathetic relation and heroism.

Linderman is the nerd in all of us fanboys.  He is quickly established as mooning over our lead and final girl Lori (Monica Keena).  Repeatedly shot down and humiliated by her BFF and big mouthed bully Kia (Kelly Rowland), Linderman not only finally finds the nerve to stand up to Kia and bring her down a notch by voicing her faults, but a unique development also occurs.  Linderman and Kia, throughout numerous near fatal encounters with both Freddy and Jason, begin to develop their own chemistry.  Whether getting down at the cornfield rave or avoiding blows from both villains in the climax at Camp Crystal Lake, these two develop a blooming protectiveness for each other.

Naturally this leads to Linderman’s downfall.  While Lori unconsciously works on dragging Freddy into the real world so Jason can get his hands on him, Linderman and Kia work hard at keeping Jason back until just the right moment.  When Jason turns to give Kia a cuffing, our hero nerd Linderman steps in to her aid…only to have Jason sail him across the room with a blow that lands on a protruding board sticking out of the wall.  While Kia helps her Superman limp out of the cabin as Jason sets his sights on Krueger, Linderman requests to take a rest behind a Camp Blood tree.

Selfless to the end, Linderman insists that Kia make a run for it and that he will be fine to hide out until she returns with help.  What Kia does not notice before running off and is that her knight is quickly bleeding out, and Linderman leaves us seconds after Kia is off to meet her own bloody end at the hands of Jason.

So here’s to good old Charlie Linderman; intellect, friend, ally, hopeless romantic, and protector until the end.  May he finally meet his dream girl (and for once not have to pay for it) in the afterlife!

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