Friday The 13th Crossovers: The Karate Kid Part II

We have had a long line of Friday The 13th Crossover features posted on our website over the years, and normally the featured actors of our crossovers have starred in projects in the motion picture industry and the Horror genre. However, there are instances of specific crossovers where an actor has such a small role in a film, that if you blink, you might miss them. Such is the case with Karate Kid Part II!

The Karate Kid films were a large part of pop culture in the 1980's, with three films released in that decade. As evidence by our continuing series of Friday The 13th alumni crossovers, not even The Karate Kid franchise was immune to hosting an alumni from Friday The 13th. Actor Jeffery Rogers (Andy, Friday The 13th Part 3) made a very brief appearance in Karate Kid Part II and we made sure to freeze frame his quick shots in the film.

Look at Jeffrey below, he is the army guy in the green shirt taking bets for Daniel Laruso to break through the sheets of glass. Look for more crossovers in the near future.

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