Jason's Jukebox: Track #1 - J.J.'s Blues/Broken Dream

It is a well acknowledged fact that the Friday the 13th films bear an iconic score in both the horror genre and film history as a whole.  Harry Manfredini’s notes not only carry a frenetic energy that heightens the climax of each of the entries he worked on, but his infamous ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma reverb have infiltrated the subconscious of movie-goers since 1980.
Having said that, even the most heavily scored films always carry a secondary soundtrack; songs that play in the background usually as scene setters or shameless promotions for up and coming bands or rock stars.  The Friday flicks are no exception, with numerous songs littered through the series from both well established artists from Alice Cooper to The Hives to lesser known and never to be heard from again starlets.

Naturally, this conversation could not start anywhere but with the series’ hardest rocker herself J.J. Jarret from Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.  J.J. (played to perfection by Saffron Henderson) is not like the other hormone driven youth of her graduating class; she makes no qualms about being attracted to only one.  Her sexy guitar.  And with a hair-do with so much volume she made all the girls from the Bangles jealous, J.J. Jarrett not only lives for her music, she dies by it as well…literally, as Jason bashes her face in with said sexy guitar.

But what is that catchy tune that J.J. rocks out to in the bowels of the ill-fated cruise liner headed for terror in Times Square?  As she jams on her amp blasting electric pink guitar, J.J. is backed by a cassette tape of a rocking ‘80s infused melody with a raspy female vocal accompaniment.  A little internet digging revealed the title of the song seems to be “Broken Dream” by an artist named Terry Crawford.  The film’s soundtrack also has the track “J.J.’s Blues” composed by Stan Meissner.  The best mash-up available via YouTube of the two tracks appears here: 

Stan Meissner himself has been tracked down online by several fans inquiring about the tune and availability and alas, the composer confirmed it was a mash-up of the two incomplete tracks and was used for the film and never actually completed in full or released in any other format.  Regardless, much like the audience I’m sure Jason had this catchy tune stuck in his head all the way to the Big Apple!  So due to the mystery surrounding this pop infused track, and the spirit of rock girls like J.J. Jarrett, “J.J.’s Blues”/”Broken Dream” will be our first selection for the ongoing examination of Jason’s Jukebox.  Enjoy!

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