Are You Interested In eBook Versions Of Friday The 13th Novelizations?

There were several official novelizations of the Friday The 13th films created by authors Michael Avallone and Simon Hawke that covered four of the films in the franchise during the 1980's. These Official Novelizations were based on the original scripts created for filming the Crystal Lake mayhem. These novels lend great insight into the characters and situations portrayed in the films with expanded dialogue, and in some cases, lost scenes that were never translated to the silver screen.

These books have long been out of print and can fetch a very hefty sum of money on bidding sights, which is why many fans have been left without the possibility to own and enjoy these literary works. A few months back, one of our readers sent us an email asking about the possibility of the novels being made available as eBooks for Friday The 13th fans to download. We know that the novels have not been scanned for eBook distribution, but it was mentioned to us that it costs about $200 to scan these books into digital form. It's not a lot of money for the publishing company to do this.....if there is enough demand for these novels as eBooks.

So the question is, would our readers and Friday The 13th fans want to own these novels as eBooks? If they sold for $9.99 or possibly cheaper, it's a good bet that everyone would go ahead and purchase these historic looks at the classic films in the franchise. If you want to get the ball rolling on this possibility, this writer suggests sending an email to New American Library at Just remember that this will not include the Michael Avallone book for Friday The 13th Part 3 as it was published by a different company.

If New American Library receives some enthusiastic and positive emails inquiring about these eBook translations to go along with the hype for a new film being released in 2015, perhaps fans can be treated to these long out of print novels for the Friday The 13th films! Thanks to James Finan for the email contact information.