Jason's Jukebox: Track #2 - "Beginning of the End" by Spineshank

Even the most heavily scored films always carry a secondary soundtrack; songs that play in the background usually as scene setters or shameless promotions for up and coming bands or rock stars.  The Friday flicks are no exception, with numerous songs littered through the series from both well established artists from Alice Cooper to The Hives to lesser known and never to be heard from again starlets.

Our next selection for our playlist comes to us from the infamous franchise cross-over Freddy vs. Jason, released in 2003.  As with many recent genre flicks, the film paid extra attention to the formation of its soundtrack, and was promoted by both a motion picture soundtrack release featuring the score and a soundtrack album with the tracks used.  One track that definitely stands out while viewing the film is “Beginning of the End” by the band Spineshank.

There are mostly mixed reactions to the tracks appearance in the opening title sequence to this battle of the slashers.  The soundtrack for the film decided to mostly include selections from the metal and post-grunge genres, featuring bands such as Slipknot, Seether, Sepultura, and Type O Negative.  A second track (not featured on the soundtrack release) by Spineshank entitled "Slavery" is also included later in the film.  However, Friday fans may be taken aback at "Beginning of the End"'s in-your-face inclusion due to being accustomed to more stylized opening credit sequences enriched by the iconic theme music by Harry Manfredini.  Many fans may also have been hoping for an effective combination of Jason’s theme with the equally effective theme song from A Nightmare on Elm St originally composed by Charles Bernstein.  In fact, as the film opens and the New Line Cinema emblem creeps up, we are treated to a teaser of just such with Freddy’s familiar tones chased by ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma. 

Yet, as the blood splashes across the screen following the prologue and the title Freddy vs. Jason is slashed across, the heavy metal sounds of this Spineshank track blares loud and proud, followed by a quick jump right into the narrative and a dolly down old Elm St.  A daring change or a disappointing surprise – you be the judge and have a listen to the track below. 

Regardless of these choices, the soundtrack itself was a hit in the year 2003, hitting the number 25 spot on the Billboard 200 chart and coming in as the fourth highest selling film soundtrack of the year.

Both soundtracks for Freddy vs. Jason are readily available through iTunes.  Give your opinion on the effectiveness (or lack of) of the choice below or in the Freddy vs. Jason forum page here: Freddy vs. Jason forum

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