Brad Fuller On New Film: 'Jason will definitely be in the movie. Or we're not doing the movie!'

A few weeks ago, we posted a story where Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller discussed the impending new Friday The 13th film and left more questions than answers. That came after the announcement in June  at a CineEurope event by a Paramount executive that the newest Friday The 13th film would be presented in 3D. With the direction of the new film still up in the air it seems, there is one lingering question that has been bothering fans: Will Jason Voorhees be in the next film? Well, MovieWeb caught up with Producer Brad Fuller to discuss Platinum Dunes' upcoming projects and he was asked about the status of the Friday The 13th reboot.

When asked if Jason would be in the new film, Fuller replied:

"I didn't know he wasn't in there. I don't know how that could happen, that we would do a Friday the 13th movie without Jason Voorhees. That would be impossible. If we do a Friday the 13th movie, Jason will definitely be in the movie. Or we're not doing the movie!"

It seems as though Brad feels he was misquoted about Jason not being in the film back in January, so for now, our readers can breathe a sigh of relief that Jason will be in the film. However, read that quote above one more time and notice the "If" about them making the film.

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