Props: JASON GOES TO HELL Jason Voorhees Stunt Torso

Although Jason Goes To Hell is one of the most controversial and hated films in the Friday The 13th franchise, there is no doubt that it boasts the biggest display of practical special effects in the entire film franchise. K.N.B. Effects went all in on this supernatural entry in the series and therefore there is a huge number of props that have survived Jason's second final film.

Effects man Brian Rae worked for K.N.B. on the production of Jason Goes To Hell and recently he posted some great images of the stunt torso used in the finale of the film where Jason's niece Jessica stabs him in the heart with the magic dagger. Notice the hole in the chest of the prop where the dagger was to be inserted. There was a lot of detail that went into this one piece alone just to for a one second shot that ended up making the final cut of the film.

Enjoy the photos and big thanks to Brian for posting the image for everyone to see!

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