Platinum Dunes Confirms New Director And Offers Script Status For 'Friday The 13th 2015'

Just yesterday we brought a story to our readers that clarified Platinum Dunes would not make a new Friday The 13th movie unless Jason Voorhees was included in the story. That was a welcomed relief for fans as there was some confusion from a January interview with producer Brad Fuller that hinted that Jason may not be in the next film. So where is the film in the production process now and is David Bruckner indeed confirmed for directing the film? Collider recently caught up with Andrew Form and Brad Fuller at a Ninja Turtles junket and got some answers.

From Collider:

Collider:  What is Platinum Dunes got going into production next, film wise?

ANDREW FORM: But, we have Friday the 13th for next year.  We’re developing the script.

Collider:  What made you decide to return to Friday the 13th again, when the last one came out in 2009? 

ANDREW FORM:  We love Friday the 13th.  We had the best time making that movie.  An opportunity to bring Jason back again, for us, we jump at it.  We just have to tell the right story.  It’s truly about, what is this version?  We’re working hard on that.  We have a great director, David Bruckner (V/H/S, The Signal), and we’re trying to figure it out.  We have to crack that. 

This is the first time Platinum Dunes has confirmed David's involvement in the film as director and it looks like once they finish commitments with the Ninja Turtles release, Dunes is all in on Friday The 13th!

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