Behind The Scenes: Creating The A NEW BEGINNING Title Sequence Hockey Mask

Title sequences for the Friday the 13th films became a single production all by themselves, which we're sure was not the intention of any of the filmmakers involved in the franchise. The somewhat complicated sequences evolved from the 1980's era of films and as the Friday the 13th series progressed, the title sequence became just as much a part of the films as Jason and his carnage riddled terror.

To create the title sequence for Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, production enlisted the help of Special Effects man David Miller, who also worked on make-up effects for the film. His task for the sequence was to create the Roy hockey mask that would be used to explode through the Friday the 13th logo. In order to film the mask properly, a much larger version of iconic item had to be sculpted.

Using an existing hockey mask already made for the production as a basis for design, David Miller sculpted the larger mask needed to shoot the title sequence. The photo below shows David Miller behind the scenes while working on the oversized rendition of the classic icon of the series.

The behind the scenes images were posted at David Miller's now defunct production website many years ago. Check out our story about the storyboards created to use as a reference for the production of the title sequence of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning to learn even more about this short but interesting section of the film.