Rubie's Costumes Offer New 2 Piece 'Jason Goes To Hell' And Young Jason Masks

Before you know it, the Halloween season will be in full celebration. As Summer comes to a close in a few weeks, our readers will be looking to find a slick costume to wear for the festival of Samhain and why not go with a classic? There have been a number of Jason Voorhees masks produced over the years, but fans now have a chance to own the first officially licensed young Jason Voorhees mask!

Rubie's Costumes will be not only producing a young Jason mask, but they will also be producing a deluxe Uber-Jason mask from Jason X as well as a two piece mask from Jason Goes To Hell with removable hockey mask. All three of these masks are pretty awesome, but not sure why the 'Hell' mask has a removable hock? Anyways, take a look at the portion of the Rubies catalog that shows the new items which was discovered by John Squires at Halloween Love.

The items are not listed at yet, but look for these great Friday The 13th costume items to appear in Halloween stories in the coming weeks!