Waxwork Records Reveals Art Print To Accompany Friday The 13th 1980 Vinyl Soundtrack

Last month Waxwork Records revealed the release date and numerous variant discs that would makeup the brand new vinyl soundtrack release for Friday The 13th 1980. It's going to be an exciting release for fans of vinyl as well as collectors looking to obtain a limited edition and unique piece of memorabilia from the franchise.

Before there was a large amount of awareness of the release, Waxwork had teased a section of art on their Instagram account last year that had a very familiar look to it. We surmised that the artwork was inspired by the original film and was from Marcie's death scene. Well, it looks like we were spot on as today it was revealed that artist Jacqui Oakley has created a special art print to be included with the vinyl soundtrack release next month. Check out the print below as indeed it shows an image of Marcie after being attacked while hovering above Alice in the canoe and a curious figure in the water. Fans are being treated to something very special by Waxwork Records for this release!

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