Waxwork Records' Vinyl Friday The 13th OST Release Date And Variant Discs Revealed

It was just one week ago today that Waxwork Records revealed the album cover artwork for their Vinyl Soundtrack release of Friday The 13th 1980. Artist Jay Shaw's interpretation of a terror filled and secluded camp setting is fun in the cover art, but our readers were wondering when the LP would drop for purchase, and now we know.

The Dissolve got the exclusive information on not only the release date, but what we can expect in the different variants the vinyl release will have to offer. First off, the soundtrack will be available to buy on August 29th, with a pre-order date of August 5th! Included in the release is a printed 12”x12” insert with artwork by Jacqui Oakley. Check out our story to get an idea of what the insert will look like!

The other great news is that there will be three different record disc designs to choose from:

1. Camp Blood vinyl: Woodland Green and Brown haze with Blood Splatter
2. Crystal Lake vinyl: Deep Murky Green
3. Crystal Lake Blood Filled vinyl: Blood Filled (Limited to 100 copies)

The blood filled vinyl will be a must have! Hopefully, we can get a glimpse of those three variant discs sometime in the very near future.

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