Waxwork Records Tease Friday The 13th 1980 Soundtrack Art?

This past October we broke the news that Waxwork Records is planning on releasing brand new vinyl soundtracks for the franchise, starting with Friday The 13th 1980. We were made aware of the collaboration between Waxwork Records and Harry Manfredini by Harry himself which makes us very excited to see what the first soundtrack release will be like.

We are guessing that an official announcement will be made on December 13th about the vinyl release of the music for the first film. In the mean time, Waxwork teased an image today on their Instagram account of an in-progress artwork being created for an upcoming slasher vinyl release. We could be way off on this, but it looks to us like blood running down the face of a woman, and if this is for Friday The 13th 1980, then this image could be of Marcie with the axe in her head. Let us know what you think of our comparison images below.

If this is indeed an illustration of that iconic scene from the film, then fans are getting a glimpse of something special planned for the cover art and vinyl itself for the soundtrack release of Friday The 13th 1980! Check back here in the next few days for more on this exciting musical score release.

Waxworks Teaser artwork

Marcie's death from Friday The 13th 1980

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