JASON LIVES Call Sheet Map Shows Directions To Friday The 13th Camp

Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 is the most critically received of the series and still holds up pretty well with today’s audiences. The filming locations of this particular movie are now well documented and some visited by fans on a frequent basis. One filming location in particular is the camp that doubled as Camp Forest Green in the film and that location is called Camp Daniel Morgan.

Now, before the age of Google Maps and GPS tracking, finding places was a bit more challenging. For one, you had to use a paper map! The production crew for the film needed both a map and sense of direction to find the camp and other locations for their daily shoot and their hand drawn maps were key in finding their way around local towns and outlying areas.

Below is a hand drawn map showing directions of how to get to Camp Daniel Morgan, which is in Rutledge, Georgia (For more on the filming locations of Jason Lives, visit our Locations Page for the film.).This map was drawn by a member of the production crew, possibly Ken Sher, and even has the legend for directions on it. This is a pretty unique piece of the production to view as it gives more insight into what it took to get to locations for filming. The crew had to drive to locations where they had never been before and be able to find there own way there.

This map and many others like it are included in the Call Sheets obtained for this website. More will be uploaded in the future. How many fans have been to the camp?