Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 Filming Locations

Filming Locations:
- Old Madison Cemetery: Madison, Georgia
- Downtown Covington: Covington, Georgia
- Karloff's General Store: Starsville, Georgia
- Camp Daniel Morgan: Rutledge, Georgia

The cemetery scenes were thought to be filmed in Covington at one time due to filming in the downtown location, but it was discovered recently that the daytime cemetery scenes were filmed in Madison, Georgia. Camp Daniel Morgan is still a functioning camp location and is one of two major camps in Hard Labor Creek State Park. The other camp being Camp Rutledge.

Old Madison Cemetery
Located off of West Central Ave. in Madison, Georgia 30650

This is the exact shooting location for the scenes with Martin The Caretaker along with Tommy Jarvis, Sheriff Garris and Deputy Rick Cologne.

Downtown Covington, Georgia
This is where the wide shots of downtown Forest Green as well as the Sheriff Station were filmed

Karloff's General Store
Starsville, Georgia, just off Hwy. 213 outside of Covington
This building is where Tommy Jarvis calls from to talk to Megan at the Police Station

Camp Daniel Morgan
2438 Knox Chapel Rd. Rutledge, GA 30663 (Part of Hard Labor Creek State Park)
This is the camp that all filming was conducted for the scenes of Camp Forest Green

All images are courtesy of Andrew Rakestraw. Big thanks go to him for supplying these great images!
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