Top 3 Best Friday The 13th Film Endings

We are all accustomed to Top 5 lists now as they run rampant on the web almost daily. These lists are usually used find out fan's thoughts on particular subjects and see where the genre community stands with regard to a particular film or franchise. In that spirit, we decided to put together our Top 3 Best endings in the Friday  The 13th film franchise! You may or may not agree strongly with these selections, but please feel free to let your opinion be known in our Comments section below.

Top 3 Best Endings

3. Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6

Some fans we have talked to would rank this as the best ending purely on the amount of action and tension rolled into the final few minutes. Tommy Jarvis lures Jason Voorhees into Crystal Lake to wrap a chain around his neck and "return him to his original resting place". Sounds like a cool concept, right? What makes this ending stand out even more is when Jason is in chains at the bottom of the lake, he effectively kills Tommy Jarvis anyway. However, it is Megan Garris (Tommy's love interest) that not only saves Jarvis' life but puts the big hurt on Jason via a boat motor blade to the face. One of the most satisfying endings in the franchise.

2. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Considered by many people to be not only the best sequel in the franchise, but maybe the best Friday The 13th film, The Final Chapter delivers on everything that is great about the series. Fun characters, great writing, gory death scenes and a tense atmosphere throughout has garnered high praise in the Horror community, but the ending sets itself apart from most other films in genre. Following a chaotic chase scene between Jason Voorhees and Trish Jarvis, Jason has gained an upper hand and is ready to dispatch the lovely Jarvis sister until a young Tommy appears.

While Jason is mesmerized by the striking resemblance of Tommy to himself as a young boy, Trish grabs the machete and knocks off the trademark hockey mask from Jason's head. While Jason is distracted with his attention now towards Trish, Tommy grabs the same machete and strikes Jason in the side of the head. The effects created for this climactic scene are tremendous, leaving Jason a bloodied mess. For good measure, Tommy decided to attack an almost motionless Jason lying on the floor again, repeatedly stabbing him with the machete as the screen fades to white. The perfect ending to The Final Chapter.

1. Friday The 13th 1980

The original film in the franchise delivers TWO shocking endings, something a few of the subsequent films in the series attempted to do, but failed at. The first shocking ending immediately follows the fight between Mrs. Voorhees and Alice Hardy on the beach whereas Alice grabs a machete and beheads the vengeful mother! This definitive and impactful moment left no doubt the killer was dead and a lasting impression of a brutal and gory demise of a mother.

The second (and more famous and talked about) ending is the infamous jump scare ending where Alice is dreaming that she is in a canoe in the middle of Crystal Lake and the awful events of the previous day are behind her. Suddenly, the rotted corpse of a young Jason Voorhees emerges from the lake to drag Alice out of the canoe. The overall ending of the film is the most satisfying in all of the franchise and still shows the power of the film and it's influence on the genre today.

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