NECA Releasing NES 8-Bit Hockey Mask?

The San Diego Comic Con kicks off this week and there is always sure to be at least one Friday The 13th surprise for fans. Although it looks like we may not get that Friday The 13th television show panel that was mentioned to be at the event this year, we just noticed a pretty cool item that looks to be unveiled for fans.

NECA's Randy Faulk recently tweeted out some behind the scenes images of the NECA booth setup and one item really stood out. The image below shows numerous figures being prepped for display, but look at the hockey mask in the left side of the pic. That sure looks like a paint job representative of the company's NES 8-bit hockey mask from their Jason Voorhees figure released last Summer at the SDCC.

Hopefully, we can get a confirmation on this with pics and packaging following soon!

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