The Devils Latex Releasing A NEW BEGINNING Pseudo Jason Bust And Mask

It has become a strange love affair with Friday The 13th: A New Beginning since the film's release in theaters in 1985. Initially hated by a majority of the fans, Roy Burns and company have garnered a loyal following in what many view now as the last true formulaic film in the Friday The 13th franchise. With such a large affection for the second Tommy Jarvis tale, many artists have taken it upon themselves to create screen accurate replicas of not only the hockey masks seen in the film, but the likeness of Roy Burns himself dressed in Jason Voorhees attire.

The Devil's Latex has been creating quality replica pieces of favorite characters from Horror, Sci-Fi and comics for many years, and now they have announced their plans for their next release of both foam filled busts and masks of the pseudo Jason himself, Roy Burns. The new release is priced at $225 plus shipping and the first ten orders will be foam filled as display busts. If you want to get in on this new mask early before it goes live at next week, send a message to them on their Facebook page today!

Enjoy the photos below and let us know what you think of this latest version of Roy Burns from the film.