Setting Up The Scene: Mr. Shepard's Death In 'Friday The 13th Part 7:The New Blood'

Before there was the explosion of economical and practical computer generated imagery to aid special effects in films, more subtle approaches were taken to create extraordinary scenes. Such iwas the case in the death of the character Mr. Shepard in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood.

His death during the shaking and subsequent collapsing of the pier used mechanical effects during the opening sequence where Tina Shepard accidentally kills her father in a psychic rage. It was a very long sequence to shoot with many precautions taken to make sure that not only were there no injuries, but that every angle of the pier was put on film to create a spectacular display for the fans. The pier was the selling point, a prelude, if you will, to see what was to come later in the movie.

Below is a behind the scenes image with various effects men, Director John Carl Buechler, and Jason actor Kane Hodder, discussing the pier effects and the impending movement of the pier for the aforementioned scene.

Image posted by Crash Cunningham

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