Film Props: Jimmy And The Cleaver From Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter features some of the goriest kills in the entire film franchise, which ranks only second in that aspect to Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. Today's featured prop is the meat cleaver that Jason used to kill Jimmy in the kitchen of the party house. The prop was used in a clever way to give the illusion of the Jimmy character having it slammed into his face.

The prop cleaver had ridges cut out to fit the shape of actor Crispin Glover's head. Then a line was attached to the prop to be used to pump blood onto Crispin's face in a gushing motion. After a good amount of blood had rushed onto his face, Jason actor Ted White, who was holding the cleaver to Crispin's face, would then remove the cleaver. After a few takes of this scene, it was up to the editing room to reverse the action filmed on set. By reversing the motion of Ted White's arm coming away from Crispin Glovers's head, it appears that Jason is actually swinging the cleaver into Crispin's head and then a quick edit is added to show the blood gushing in the face of the lovable Jimmy character.

The prop is in the hands of a private collector now, but if more information can be found, we will certainly share it with everyone!

Prop Cleaver Image Courtesy Image of Crispin Glover from Peter Bracke's Crystal Lake Memories

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