Vintage PART 3 Production Photos Published In Famous Monsters Of Filmland

When Crystal Lake Memories was released in 2005, Friday The 13th fans were treated to a wide array of production and behind the scenes photos that had never been seen by the general public before. It was an exciting time for the fans to be able to finally see so many fun and gruesome photos of the cast and crew during the filming of the franchise. For those of our readers who were old enough to grow up during the release of the original films in the 1980's, you were sure to have collected the many Horror magazines that were published during that decade. In those magazines, such as Fangoria, Gorezone and Famous Monsters Of Filmland, there were many rare and intimate photos published about the production of the Friday The 13th films.

We recently came across some of these photos at the Friday The 13th today blog and wanted to share these vintage photos with our readers. The photos that we have posted below were at one time very rare to find and view, but now with the Crystal Lake Memories eBook being released back in 2012 along with the original hardcover in 2005, they have become quite popular.

These images were published in the November 1982 edition of Famous Monsters Of Filmland and offer a great look at Friday The 13th Part 3 during its production. Let us know what you think of these photos and what your favorites may be.