Stunning Artwork Gives Glimpse Into What A Friday The 13th TV Show Could Be

Fan art can be some of the most innovative and exciting items to look at when when it comes to the Friday The 13th film franchise. The creativity level is through the roof when it comes to Jason Voorhees and the artistic talents of the fans of the franchise. Knowing that, we were excited when pointed in the direction of a very talented artist named Daniel Berard, who recently posted an awesome piece of pseudo artwork for what could be used as a promotional poster for a Friday The 13th television show.

The art was posted over at and as Daniel explains, "This is a teaser for a fake Friday the 13th tv series. I think a series like The Walking Dead could be interesting - here with a younger Jason." Make sure to check out his website as well at

We must reiterate that this is a teaser for a fake television show, but felt it was necessary to show off something with a lot of promise and stunning imagery. Who knows, one day we could be seeing something like this on our television screens? Let us know what you think about this interpretation of a Friday The 13th show and the artwork as a whole!