Characters You HATED to See Die!! Episode 6: Paula

Ok, it’s no secret that the majority of Friday fans watch each chapter hoping to be shocked and awed by the extravagant and often explicit ways that each would be victim will be dispensed in.  It could even be argued that some characters are set up just for the payoff of rooting for and enjoying their bloody ends – you know, like basically every character in A New Beginning.

Having said that, every so often one of the films would present a demise that not only caught fans off guard, but we were actually sad to see them meet their maker.

Since compiling this ongoing list of would-be victims from Jason’s lengthy list of bodies, one name consistently stood out in numerous Friday fans’ comments and self-generated lists.  Easily agreeable and definitely one that would appear sooner or letter, we are of course referring to the doe-eyed sweetness that is Paula from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI.

Played by Kerry Noonan, Paula is one of the counsellors in the newly renamed Camp Crystal Lake/Forrest Green enlisted to care for the many children there for camp and bloodletting.  But unlike most of the youthful counsellors, Paula takes her responsibilities quite seriously.  While other counsellors are exploring things that go bump in the night, Paula is ever vigilante and on duty, watching over the slumbering children and ensuring their overall safety.  She kindly cares for young Nancy, who is disturbed by nightmares and an actual sighting of Mr. Voorhees exploring the camp at night.  Yet Paula gently calms her, never seeming put out by her duties as babysitter and counselor, making her one victim we are sad to see meet her end.

But does she ever!  Jason does not go lightly on poor Paula, despite her selflessness.  While thinking her colleagues are simply playing pranks on her, Paula is shocked by the sudden appearance of the hockey-masked killer who instantly pops up right in her caring face.  Closing her in the cabin with him, Jason proceeds to brutalize her, and we the audience are mostly made to use our imagination as we hear the sounds of Paula being thrown about and slaughtered in said cabin.  Then suddenly, her lifeless body comes crashing through the window, only to have Jason quickly pull her back in…he apparently was not done with her yet.  The brutality is further evident when Meagan returns to the camp and bursts into the cabin looking for her friends only to find Paula’s innards decorating the walls of the now blood drenched cabin. 

Our Paula, therefore, becomes a true martyr in the list of youths who met their ends on the shores of Crystal Lake.  Selfless to the end, hardworking, moral and caring, Paula put her all into her role as counsellor and protector of the youth of Forrest Green, only to find out Jason could care less.  RIP Paula.

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