The Most Famous Scene Of Friday The 13th 1980 That Was Never Filmed.

Prior to Friday The 13th 1980 being released in theaters on May 9, 1980, Paramount made sure to promote their little slasher film to a wide audience. This included numerous press kits being distributed to theater chains and media outlets. One image contained within the press kit seemed to truly capture the Horror that would eventually be discovered in the film and that terrifying scene was never actually filmed.

That infamous image has Betsy Palmer screaming with fright while pressed up against a plastic sheet. Of course, once audiences saw the film in theaters, it was apparent that this image was never part of any scene in the film. Many people wondered if this was a cut scene and why it was never included in the final print of Friday The 13th. As the years went by and magazines such as Horror themed Fangoria began to ask around, it became clear that the image was something of a fluke that became a national icon of sorts of what the film represented.

According to unit photographer Richard Feury in Crystal Lake Memories, the Friday The 13th crew was eating in a dining hall at the Boy Scout Camp they were filming at and the open-aired hall was covered with plastic sheets to contain the heat inside. Feury asked Betsy Palmer to lean into one of the plastic sheets and scream. Betsy did and what they created would become a very famous image to represent the film, however, it was never part of the story at all.

There are sure to be a number of readers that know this story from previous readings, but for those that were not aware, this is one of many happy accidents that propelled the original film in the franchise to become one of the most popular and financially successful Horror films of all time.

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