NECA Unleashes Jason Voorhees In New 'Scalers' Series

You really have to hand it to NECA. They are not sitting on their Friday The 13th license and doing nothing with it. They have delivered a 19 inch Jason statue for Friday The 13th 2009, re-issued their classic Part 7 Jason figure in 7 inch form along with creating new The Final Chapter and Part 3 Jason figures. Recently, they have distributed a homage to the Nintendo Friday The 13th game and even this month are releasing a retro Mego Jason figure from Part 3. What could they release next for Mr. Voorhees? How about a 2 inch 'Scalers' figural!

According to, NECA will be releasing more than 50 of their licenses in this decorative cord accessory line. For now, we have a look at the first three offerings included in the video below as well a closeup look at the Jason Voorhees 2 inch figurine. Keep an eye for more information on this new line that includes Jason in the future and look for more figures to be released in 2014.

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