Original Friday The 13th Writer Returns With New Horror Screenplay

Everyone knows that original Friday The 13th writer Victor Miller was instrumental in crafting the formula for what the film franchise would become in later years. Ironically, at the time, he had no background whatsoever in Horror, let alone writing a screenplay for the genre. All of these years later he is still lauded as one of the father's of the slasher genre. So what has he been up to lately?

Victor was a writer for the soap opera All My Children in the mid 2000's and also is a regular on the convention circuit. Now, he looks to be jumping back into the Horror game as Get The Big Picture found out within the last week that he is developing a brand new genre film screenplay with fellow writer Kerry Fleming. The new film is titled Rock Paper Dead for which the premise of the screenplay implements a new take on the rock paper scissors game.

When asked about the new screenplay, Victor replied "...the timing couldn't be better as everyone is looking for 'the new thing' that will nourish a very healthy box office for our favorite genre."

It's great to see Victor involved in a new Horror project and lets hope it does indeed bring something different and new to the genre for fans to enjoy. Stay tuned for more news on the project in the future!

Source: Get The Big Picture