Want To Dress Up As 8-Bit Nintendo Jason Voorhees For Halloween?

Halloween is tomorrow and for those readers of ours that are still looking for those last minute costume ideas, we may have something to get your creative juices flowing. Horror blog Freddy In Space has released their annual fan created Vintage Halloween Costumes and among the new crop is a very familiar look to Jason Voorhees!

Blogger John Squires and artist Frank Browning have created some truly iconic costumes for the season and none is more retro and "killer" than the 8-Bit Nintendo Jason costume they have concocted. We have posted the pseudo costume below, and no, this is not a real costume, but don't be surprised to see it pop up somewhere in the near future for sale. The look is just too popular to pass up licensing for the kiddies (and adults) to dress up as for future Halloween events

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