Bing Pays Homage To Friday The 13th Part 2, Other Horror Franchises

We all know that the Friday The 13th film franchise and Jason Voorhees are a major part of pop culture, which is a huge shift from the early days when the films were boycotted by parent groups and film critics. In the digital age that we live in now, the film franchise is paid a certain amount of respect for its place in film history and for the type of sub-genre it helped usher in since the early 1980's. With that in mind, it is a real treat when major websites and publications reference the Friday The 13th films and give the filmmakers the ultimate compliment.

Search engine website Bing has done such a thing as since today is Halloween, they have created a Horror themed home page that gives users the ability to click on certain sections of the page to access an iconic scene from certain classic Horror films. In one instance, you can click on a door which opens up to a bathroom to show the infamous shower scene from Psycho. To much of this writer's surprise, if you click on the flickering candle on the left of the screen, Mrs. Voorhees' mummified head and sweater are illuminated to pay an excellent homage to the end scene of Friday The 13th Part 2. If you click on her head, you are taken to a customized search of the film franchise. We think that's pretty awesome!

Make sure to visit and check out the Friday The 13th portion of the home page as well as the other Horror film franchises that are featured. Thanks to Chris Crum for pointing this out to us!