Full Package View Of NECA Part 7 Jason

A few days ago, we wrote about NECA toys re-distributing and repackaging an older figure from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. The figure was part of the Cult Classics line of figures from the mid 2000's and came with a machete, harpoon, axe and tree stump base. The re-release of the figure only comes with a machete and is in a smaller package.

Below we have provided a full view look at the packaging for the figure, which was shipped into stores quite discretely. There are mixed emotions on this figure by fans as they are glad that NECA has given fans a chance to own this figure once again, but really wanted all of the original accessories. That being said, give NECA credit for keeping the license alive for now while they develop a new line of Jason figures, hopefully for release in 2012!