New Website Forum Launch!

Almost seven months ago, I started this website to give fans of the Friday the 13th movies a place to find all relevant news, film information, and historical references on what I think is the best slasher franchise in film history. Our site here is still growing and the next step is upon us.

I was sort of forced into the creation of this website and without proper time to prepare a strategy for this creation, I have had to update the original format as time has gone on. The forum that we had been using was really not a forum at all, but an extension of a wiki software that was manipulated to function as a forum. It did a great job for us, however, there is key functionality missing that made it very difficult to use. The number one culprit \was adding images to a post.

This was a constant headache for everyone and one thing that just could not be fixed. Another request that could not be fulfilled in the wiki forum structure was the inclusion of signatures. So, now we have something much more advanced and compact that I hope everyone will enjoy.

The Negatives
The unfortunate problem with switching to a new forum is losing all of the excellent posts we had made over the last few months. The other unfortunate side effect is that all of out great visitors will have to register once again to engage in discussions.

The Positives
Adding images to posts are very simple! You get your very own signature. Communication among users is easier. Some new contests are being created using the new forum software and the biggest bonus of the change is that forum users will be able to gain points that can be traded in for prizes! Points for prizes will be announced in full later in the month.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience of the change, but promise this new forum will be a great asset to the website and everyone that visits! Check out our new forum at the link below and let us know if you have any questions either by posting a comment below or sending an email to